Collection: GOODBYE SALE SEMI-CURED GEL WRAPS '24! Up to 65% off!



We discovered some minor imperfections (think tiny bubbles, slight color variations, slightly separating layers) in a few batches of our high-quality, semi-cured gelsSince they come sealed, we can't open every package to check either. We're committed to exceptional quality and reducing waste, so we can't bear to throw them away.

The good news? These perfectly safe to use gel wraps, just slightly imperfect so we are letting them go at a fraction of the price!

Please note:

No refunds or exchanges for sales items! Please only purchase if you are comfortable with the imperfections.

Packaging box, nail file and cuticle stick will be provided with each item. 

This promo is only stackable with GOODBYE SALE NAIL WRAPS '24! discount. Shop all goodbye nail wraps here.

We are constantly adding new designs so do check back to get first dibs!