Tips & Tricks

Extra tips and tricks and our best kept secrets to nailing your manicure. For the ultimate nail wrap experience, this guide is for you!

If you're looking for a how-to guide for regular Nail Wraps, click here.

For Nail Prep

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#1: Start with clean, dry hands

• Avoid applying any lotion/ moisturiser/ oils etc. as it will cause your nail wraps to adhere poorly.

• We recommend applying your nail wraps after showering and before sleeping, so that they have sufficient time to adhere fully to your nails without exposure to water or oils.

#2: For naturally oily/waxy nails

Option #1:

• Lightly buff the nail surface for nail wraps to adhere better.

• Use alcohol wipes or nail polish remover to remove any natural oils and dirt on your nail surface. Allow it to dry before applying your nail wraps.

Option #2:

• Apply a base coat for a clean and smooth surface, prior to applying your nail wraps.

#3: For nails with uneven surface

• Lightly buff the nail surface for a more even surface, then clean with alcohol wipes. We recommend using a glass nail file for a smooth and glossy finish.

• Apply a layer of base coat to even out the surface. Allow base coat to completely dry before applying nail wraps.

#4: Shaping your nails (oval nail shape)

1. Start by filing the tip of your nails down to the desired length.

2. File from the corners of the nail towards the center of the nail tip, in a smooth arch.

3. File until you achieve your desired shape.

We recommend using a glass nail file for a precise and gentle file.

For Application

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How-to Guide: Nail Wraps

For our complete, step-by-step visual guide on how to apply your nail wraps, click here. (Video included!)

#1: Choosing the right size

Getting your size right is critical for neat-looking and long-lasting nail wraps. Here's a visual size guide to help you find your best fit!

#2: For those in between nail wrap sizes

• If you're in between sizes, pick the slightly smaller one or trim the larger one down to size.

• Our nail wraps can be stretched slightly for a better fit - just paste the nail wrap on one edge before tugging gently on the other edge until it fits across the rest of the nail.

• When trimming the size of your nail strip, align it to a strip of your preferred size and use it as a guide.

#3: Get two manicures with one set

• If your nails take up less than half of a nail wrap strip, you can cut the strip in half and save the other half for your next nail wrap manicure. Note: Be sure to measure first before cutting!

• Since there are 8 different sizes for each hand, there'll definitely be extras. Here are some ideas for the leftovers:

1. Mix and match with other nail wrap designs

2. Share with a friend

3. Keep as spares, just in case you mess up the first time

#4: Avoid pasting on cuticles and skin

When applying the nail wraps, take note to avoid pasting on your cuticles and skin. This is because:

• The cuticles at the base of your nail are not smooth and may cause the nail wrap to flip up at the base, or allow water to seep in.

• As your nails grow, the nail wraps may lift if they're stuck to your skin.

#5: Heat up your nail wraps for easier application

If you're having trouble getting your nail wraps to fit to your nail shape, try this:

• Use a hair dryer on low heat to heat up the nail wraps for no more than 2 seconds. This will make the nail wrap strip softer and easier to shape.

#6: Dos and Don'ts of filing off the excess nail wrap

When filing off the excess nail wrap,


• File in back-and-forth motions.

• Rip off the excess before it's filed off completely.


• Angle your nail file below the nail when filing.

• File in short, firm strokes till the excess breaks off cleanly.

• File in one direction from the corners of your nail towards the center.

#7: Apply a top coat for a lasting & professional finish

• When applying top coat, remember to seal your nail tips as it wears out the quickest.

• Some top coats are not compatible with our nail wraps as they may cause shrinking or colour bleeding, so test them on one nail first before applying to the rest.

• Use our Peel-Off Gel Top Coat for best results, as well as an easy peel-off removal for damage-free nails.

#8: Avoid getting nail wraps wet too soon after application

• Avoid water or any oils too soon after application so your nail wraps have time to adhere to the nails properly. This will ensure a long-lasting nail wrap manicure.

• The best time to apply your nail wraps would be after showering and skincare, before bedtime.

• Wait 2 to 3 days before participating in any water activities for best results.

For Removal

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#1: Avoid ripping the nail wraps off

• Removing your nail wraps is easy and quick. Try out these simple methods, instead of ripping them off for healthier nails!

#2: Grow nails out with cuticle oil

Even after removing nail wraps, make sure to apply cuticle oil to your nails whenever you can throughout the day. This helps to:

• Prevent dry cuticles

• Keep nails looking neat and pretty

• Strengthen your nails to support growth in nail length

General nail care tips

To maintain healthy nails, make sure also do these:

#1: Trim your nails regularly as nails that are too long might cause breaking

#2: Apply cuticle oil for nourished nails and cuticles

#3: Use a glass nail file instead of a wooden nail file to shape your nails as it is made of fine nano glass material and can help to smooth out any rough nail edges, prevent cracking or peeling, with minimal damage to the natural nails.