Perfect manicure in 3, 2, 1...

  • Step 1: Size

    Pick from 8 different sizes to find a guaranteed perfect fit for each nail.

  • Step 2: Peel

    Remove the clear protective film, then the nail wrap.

  • Step 3: Paste

    Smooth the nail wrap onto your nail, avoiding your skin and cuticles.

  • Step 4: Wrap

    Wrap it around the tip of your nail securely.

  • Step 5: File

    File off the excess, and you're done!

  • Bonus Step: Seal

    Get double wear-time by applying a layer of our Gel Top Coat and curing under a UV Lamp for 30 seconds!

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Say goodbye to naked nails

Non-damaging, easy application and removal, fast and professional results!

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Featured: Semi-Cured Gel Wraps

  • Gel vs. Regular

    Unlike our regular nail wraps, the Semi-Cured Gel Wraps are made with real liquid gel cured at 65%. Out of the package, it's flexible enough to mold to your nail shape and hardens when cured under a UV lamp. Instant salon-worthy gel manicure!

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  • Just In: Cateye Series

    Enjoy the latest manicure trend at just a fraction of the cost! Multiple shades available, shop the look here.

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  • Aurora Series

    Nail the iconic donut glaze/chrome nail trend with our Arurora Gel Wrap Series!

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  • Pedicure Series

    Gel pedicures made easy with our semi-cured gel wraps! Paste, wrap, file and cure under a UV Lamp for 60s to enjoy a professional gel pedicure that lasts.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long do nail wraps last?

With proper nail prep and application, our nail wraps can be worn for up to 2 weeks! This varies depending on your lifestyle, nail structure and natural nail oiliness.

For more detailed instructions on prep and application, click here for our guide.

Do I need to use a topcoat? Is UV curing required?

Our nail wraps are coated with waterproof materials and do not require any topcoat nor UV curing.

However, topcoats are still highly recommended to get more wear time from your nail wraps as it provides an additional layer of protection.

Make sure to apply them especially on the nail tips as they tend to wear out the easiest.

Can any topcoat be used?

Not all topcoats are compatible with our nail wraps and may cause shrinkage or change in color, so it is best to test out your topcoat first before applying to the rest of the nails.

We highly recommend our Peel-Off Gel Topcoat as it was designed to work well with nail wraps to provide greater durability, a professional glossy gel finish, as well as an easy peel-off removal that is non-damaging to your nails.

More information on our Gel Topcoat and Gel Manicure Kit here.

How do I remove my nail wraps?

Our nail wrap adhesive is made of non-toxic materials and can be removed with natural ways.

To remove your nail wraps, lift the edges, soak in warm water to soften the material then gently roll the wrap off your nail.

To see more removal methods, click here.

Can I use nail wraps if my nails are weak and brittle?

Nail wraps are safe to use even if you have weak and brittle nails.

1. Make sure to be gentle with your nails and start to adopt good nail care practices like regularly applying cuticle oil to ensure your nails grow strong and healthy!

2. Consider using a glass nail file when shaping your nails as it is much gentler on fragile nails and can help to prevent cracking or chipping.

3. Use our Peel-Off Gel Topcoat to provide extra protection and strength to your nails while you have the nail wraps on, and to prevent brittle nails from breaking as easily.

Will nail wraps damage my nails?

Nail wraps will not cause damage to your nails as long as proper usage instructions are followed.

In fact, it is one of the least damaging manicure methods for long term usage.

If you have naturally weaker nails, please remember to be gentle with your nails. Consider keeping them short to prevent further stress and breakage.

I have wide/narrow nail beds. Will the sizes fit my nails?

Our nail wraps were designed to fit nails of all length, shapes and sizes.

To find the perfect fit, check our sizing chart or learn how to choose the right nail strip with our tips & tricks guide here.

I have ridges on my nail surface, can the nail wraps cover that?

Ridges can be concealed by applying a base coat to smooth out the nail surface under your nail wraps, and another smooth layer of gel top coat over the nail wraps.

I have waxy nails/sweaty palms, how can I prolong my wear?

We recommend using a base coat to provide a smooth and dry surface for the nail wraps to adhere to.

Applying a gel top coat will also help to seal and protect the nail wrap from falling off prematurely.

What is the difference between nail wraps and semi-cured gel wraps?

Nail wraps are made of vinyl material and adhesive backing, and do not require any curing or top coat. They are also beginner friendly.

Semi-cured gel wraps are made of real gel cured to 65%, that are soft out of the packaging and hardens with UV light. They require curing under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds as a finishing step for the gel to fully harden.

For more detailed comparison, click here.