Tips & Tricks

Extra tips and tricks for your best Pretty Poke Nails nail wrap experience. Our nail wraps can last up to 10-14 days with proper application.

*Click here for VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to apply or visit our Instagram for a brief overview application guide here.

Application Prep

Start with clean dry hands -

• Avoid any lotions/moisturizer/oils etc. as it will affect how well it adheres.
• We recommend applying your nail wraps after your shower and before bed so that they have sufficient time to adhere fully to your nails.

For naturally oily/waxy nails -
• Use alcohol wipes to clean and dry the surface. (Nail polish remover will work to dry out nail surface too!)
• Buff nail surface slightly so nail wraps can adhere better then clean with alcohol wipes to remove any excess dust or oils.

For uneven nails -
• Apply a base coat to even out the surface.

During Application

Pick a strip that is slightly smaller than your nail.
• If you're in-between sizes, pick the smaller one or trim the larger one down to size.

• Our nail wraps can be stretched slightly for a better fit - just paste the nail wrap on one edge before tugging gently on the other edge  until it covers the rest of the nail.

If your nails are shorter, you can cut the strip in half to avoid any wastage - each strip is long enough for two uses for some nails and you can get different patterns from each strip!
Be sure to measure first. 

• Here are some other ideas on what you can do with the leftovers -

- Mix and matching with other designs
- Use it on your toe nails
- Keep as spares, just in case you mess up the first time


  • Avoid pasting on your cuticles at the base of your nail as the surface is not smooth and may cause the nail wrap to flip up at the base or water to seep in.
  • If you're having trouble getting your nail wraps to fit to your nail, heat it up very slightly with a hair dryer (1 to 2 seconds) - this will make the nail wrap strip much easier to shape.
  • Paste the nail wrap and smooth firmly over to cap the tip of the nail such that you can clearly see the edge you will be filing. 
  • File off the excess nail wrap in a downward motion and remember to keep the nail file perpendicular to the nail tip.

For more info, check out our Instagram Guide posts here.

After Application

Apply a topcoat for lasting and professional results!

For usage instructions of our Gel Manicure KIt, click here! 

• Remember to cap off the tips of the nail as that's where it starts to wear off the quickest. 
• Some topcoats are not compatible with our nail wraps and may cause shrinking or color change so do test your topcoat out on one nail first before applying to the rest.

Try not to get your nail wraps wet too soon after application.



Besides soaking in warm water, you can also try using hand creams/cuticle oils/other natural oils to help loosen the adhesive of the nail wrap by applying it at the base of your nails as you carefully roll the nail wraps up.

Another way to remove the nail wraps is to dip a wooden cuticle stick into some nail polish remover, then start to gently lift from the edges of the wrap. The nail polish remover solution will loosen/dissolve the adhesive which makes the removal process much easier! We recommend using Sally Hansen Moisturising or Strengthening Polish Remover. 


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