How to Apply Semi-Cured Gel Wraps: Method #2 (guides-sc)

You may refer to this video for visual reference, or refer to the steps below:

1. There are 10 different sizes that will fit all nails. To determine which strip to use, place your nail under the wraps. Pick the one that fits your nail width from end-to-end.

2. Peel off the clear protective film, then peel off the gel wrap.

3. Center the gel strip on your nail and paste on gently. Avoid sticking it on your skin or cuticles.

4. Use the wooden cuticle stick to apply pressure firmly on the edges of the gel strip, make sure that it is fully flattened and adhered. This is to prevent the edges from sticking up after curing.  

5. Cure the gel wraps under a UV lamp for 60 seconds so it can harden.

6. Use a nail clipper to clip off most of the excess gel wrap. Clip as close to your nail as possible, but don't worry if it isn't shaped perfectly! You can continue to shape nails in the next step.

7. Use a nail file to file off any excess gel wrap, and to shape the gel wraps.

8. (Optional) Apply a layer of our Peel-Off Gel Top Coat, making sure to apply on the nail tip. Cure under the UV lamp for 60-90 seconds until dry to touch.