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Silver Glitter (Semi-Cured Gel Wraps | Pedicure)

Silver Glitter (Semi-Cured Gel Wraps | Pedicure)

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* Our semi-cured gel nail wraps harden with UV light. To prevent hardening, store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light sources.


  • 32 Semi-Cured Gel Pedicure Strips
  • 1 x Mini Nail File
  • 1 x Wooden Applicator Stick

UV lamp is not provided - to purchase our UV lamp, click here. 

Suggested Add-Ons:


Application /

  1. Pre-shape your nails and clean with soap and water/alcohol wipes to ensure they are free of oil and dirt. 
  2. Measure and select a suitable size gel strip then peel off the clear protective film. 
  3. Position the gel strip on your nail and paste on gently.
  4. Use the wooden applicator stick the apply pressure on the edges of the gel strip and also wrapping down at the nail tip.
  5. Once the edges are fully adhered, file off excess strip with a nail file.
  6. Cure for 60 seconds with a UV lamp to harden the gel wrap.
  7. Enjoy your glossy and long-lasting pedicure!

Removal /
  1. Wet the wooden cuticle stick with nail polish remover then start to lift from the edges. Repeat until the nail polish remover has loosen/dissolved the adhesive and the gel wrap is able to come off with ease. 
2. Clean nails and apply cuticle oil as needed.




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