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Nano Glass Nail File

Nano Glass Nail File

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The first step to caring well for your nails is choosing the best tools. 

Made from high quality nano glass material, this handy tool will help to smooth out any rough nail edges - clean, precise and with minimal damage to the natural nails. The fine glass particles on our nano glass nail files also allow it to be used as a polisher to buff the nail surface for a high shine finish. 

11(L) x 1.2(H) x 0.3(W) cm | Comes with a matte plastic casing

Usage: Use to file and shape your nails. Buff and polish your nail surface for a high shine finish (for buffing of nail surface, only recommended to do once or twice a month)

After use, wash well with soap and water and store in casing to prevent breakage.

Build to last 6 months to a year, depending on usage frequency and care.


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