How To Remove

The best ways to remove your Pretty Poke Nails nail wraps:


Option 1: Lift the sides of your nail wraps and soak your nails in warm water for 7 minutes or longer to loosen the adhesive. Gently peel them off from the base of your nail to the tip. We recommend doing this after a warm shower. 

*You may also use cuticle oils/hand creams to facilitate the peeling off process.This is highly recommend if you have drier nails as the oils and cream will help to nourish and strengthen your hands and nails. Excellent addition to your routine for healthier nails!

Option 2: You may use a nail polish remover soaked cotton to wipe off the nail wraps. The effectiveness of this method is subject to the efficacy of your nail polish remover.

Treat your nails with care - please do not peel your nail wraps off too roughly as that might cause damage to your nails.