How to Apply Nail Wraps (guides-nw)

You may watch the video above for visual reference, or refer to the steps below:

1. Measure and plan out which sizes to use for each nail by slightly curving the strip, placing on your nails and measuring the nail width from end-to-end.

Note: If in-between sizes, pick a strip that is slightly smaller than one that is too large.

 2. Remove the clear plastic film on the top layer before peeling off the nail strip from its backing.

3. Align and paste the nail wrap onto your nail, avoiding cuticles and skin.

4. Firmly smooth out the nail wrap, then wrap the excess around the nail tip.

Note: Wrap and tuck the excess strip such that you can clearly see the shape of the nail tip (the edge that you will be filing).

 5. Use the nail file to file off the excess nail wrap until it breaks off cleanly.

Note: Place the rough face of the nail file firmly on the edge of the nail tip and file in steady, short strokes.

 6. (Optional) Apply a layer of our Peel-Off Gel Top Coat, making sure to apply on the nail tip. Cure under the UV lamp for 60-90 seconds until dry to touch.